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Why should I upgrade my free account to PRO?
Why should I upgrade my free account to PRO?
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For an overview of all Features & Plans, visit

Overview of PRO features

Here's a list of our key premium features you'll unlock when you upgrade to PRO:

#1 Unlimited pages
Free users can create only three personal pages. For PRO users there are no limits to the number of pages you can create.​​

#2 No more ads & tracking
All advertisements and related tracking scripts will be removed from your pages.​

#3 Bookmark Groups
Sub-divide links inside a bookmark widget into groups. This gives you more flexibility to organize your links. You can display groups as tabs or in a list-view. More info here.

#4 Broken Link Checker
We will highlight the links that no longer point to a valid internet address, so that you can easily fix or remove them and clean up your bookmarks. More info here.

#5 Duplicate Link Checker
We will notify you when you add a duplicate link to the same bookmarks widget, to help you to avoid duplicate links. With this feature, it's also easier to remove your duplicate links. More info here.

#6 Upload documents
Upload documents (.pdf, .doc, etc.) to your account and make them accessible from any device. More info here.

​#7 More widgets
You get access to our Premium widgets: Google Calendar, Google Analytics, Google AdSense, Charts (CSV), Currency converter, Image widget.

#8 Invite editors to your page
Share pages with other people and invite them to edit and contribute. More info here.

#9 Password protected shared pages
Protect your shared pages with a password, so that only the people who you give the password to can access it. More info here.

#10 Maximum privacy
The PRO version gives you the most privacy, as all external advertisements and tracking codes are removed. See our full privacy policy here.

#11 Archive pages
You can archive pages that you don't need, but also don't want to delete. More info here.

#12 Live RSS updates
Your custom RSS feeds will be refreshed in real-time.

#13 Live copy of widgets
Copy the same instance of a widget to multiple pages and update them all at once. More info here.

#14 Priority support
Your support questions/requests will be handled with the highest priority.

#15 Support the future development of
Your premium membership will help us to further improve

For a full list of all features and plans, check out our Pricing page.


For a selection of the five most impressive PRO features, watch this video:

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