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Broken Link Checker (PRO)
Broken Link Checker (PRO)
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With our Broken Link Checker, you see immediately which bookmarks are still working.

How it works

Our system checks your links once every 24 hours to see if they are still viable. If there is no response from the server, it will show the title of your affected bookmark with a strike-through.

Broken Link Checker helps you identify links that are no longer working.

Enable/Disable Broken Link Checker


For PRO users, the Broken Link Checker is on by default. If you want to disable this feature for some reason, follow these steps:

  1. Open the User men (click the icon of you in the top right corner).

  2. Click the option Settings.

  3. Toggle Broken link checker to off.

  4. Click outside the window to continue. We save your setting automatically.

You'll see this change immediately. If you want to re-enable this feature, toggle the feature once more.


Broken Link Options

Screenshot 2023-10-05 153912.png

When you discover a broken link, you can click it (left button). A menu will appear with the following options:

  • Open anyway: our system might have tried the destination website at a downtime. Try it before you delete it.

  • This link is not broken remove the strike-through.

  • Delete bookmark: remove the entire link from your Bookmark widget. There is no way to undo this.

  • Edit bookmark: look at the URL you've saved. Perhaps, you can solve the problem yourself.

  • Search for an alternative link on Google: take the title and URL of your broken link and use it in a search query.

  • Visit homepage: with you can save deep links directly to an article or category on a website. When someone moves these articles or changes the URLs, the links could become broken. Visiting the site to find out more.

Right Click Bookmark menu

Screenshot 2023-10-05 153736.png

When you right-click a bookmark, broken or not broken, you see the Bookmark menu.

In this menu, you'll see several options:

  • Open in a new window

  • Edit bookmark (change Title, URL, Description, or Icon)

  • Change icon (jump directly to the change icon pane)

  • Copy link to clipboard (to easily share or save it)

  • Duplicate bookmark (save a bookmark on another page or destination widget)

  • Move bookmark (move the bookmark to another page or destination widget)

  • Delete the bookmark.

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