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The team page overview shows you all the pages that belong to your team. For each page you can view its owner, share-setting, and set a page slug.

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You'll see the following columns:

  • Title - This column shows the title of your page.

  • Owner - View the owner of each page. This is the user who created the page.

  • Visibility - This shows the share status for a page. Only the page owner can change the share settings. A page can have one of the following share settings:

    • Private - Only the page owner and invited members can view the page

    • Team - Anyone on the team can see the page

    • Link - Anyone with the link can view the page

    • Public - Anyone on the internet (incl. Google) can view the page

  • Last updated - This tells you when the page was last updated. It's useful to make sure the information you share is current.

  • Options - To edit the page, change the sharing pane or delete it.

  • Slug - With a page slug, you can create an easy-to-remember URL for your page. We call this a 'Friendly page URL,' and it makes sharing easier for everyone.

    If your page is, a page slug decaf means that your page is now available under

    Click the Share button > Open Link > More menu > Set page-friendly URL (slug)


You need a custom subdomain to use page slugs.

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