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By default, your page is private and only accessible by you. You can also share your page, so other people can access or edit it.


Page owners will see a "Share" button in the header of their page.


Clicking this button will open the Share settings for this page.

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Now you see two tabs:

  • Collaborate - Invite other people to view or even edit your page. You can also share your page with your team.

  • Link Settings - Share your page with a link so other people can access it, without having to login to

Share by e-mail

Even though a page is private by default, you can still share it with anyone you trust.

So, let's imagine you've made a Marketing dashboard, you want to show to a client, so they can give you feedback. The page isn't ready for publication or sharing with a larger group (yet).


  1. Click the Share button, in the header of your page.

  2. Under Collaborate locate the address box and start typing an email address.

  3. Click Invite to send the invitation.

Now the person you've invited can accept the invitation and create a account to start viewing the page. If you want to grant edit rights, transfer ownership, or revoke access by selecting the dropdown behind the person's name.

Share with a Team

If you want to share the page with team, you can do that too. If you share the page, you still decide the access rights:

  • Restricted access to selected members.

  • Everyone van view.

  • Everyone can edit.

You can also easily and quickly unshare a page from the team and make it private again. Click here for more information about for Teams.

Share by link

We currently provide the following options for sharing your page with a link:

Private Link

Only Collaborators can view your page.

Protected Link

For added security, you can set a generic password for your page. Only the people you shared the password with, will be able to view your page.

​Open Link

Anyone with the link can view this page.

​Public Link

Anyone on the internet (incl. Google) can view this page.

Require Login

Require Password

Google can index?

Private Link




Protected Link




Open Link




Public Link




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