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If you want to share bookmark links or other information, you have two options. You can share pages or individual widgets.

Here's how you share an individual widget.



  • With the mouse pointer, go to the widget you want to share. You can share any widget, including Bookmarks widgets. The More button will appear (three dots).

  • Click the More button > Share.

  • Toggle the option Anyone with the widget can see this widget to On (it will turn green).

  • Now your widget gets assigned a random link, which you can copy and share. In the header of a shared widget, you'll see a Shared tag.

  • For the receiver of the link, there are two options:

    • If the receiver is logged into, they can make a copy and add the widget to one of their pages. Click Add to my page.

      Screenshot 2023-12-04 120950.png

    • If the receiver isn't logged into, they can still see the widget. If it's a bookmarks widget, they can also click the links. To add the widget to their page, they can create a free account.​

      Screenshot 2023-12-04 121528-fotor-20231204121613.png

There is no additional security check to this feature. If you share a link to your widget, it will become visible to anyone with the link until you toggle the share option.

Sharing widgets is a free feature. It is available to all users. If you add the widget to your page, it will create a copy. However, it won't update any changes you make to the original shared widget.

If you want to sync changes, you can create a live copy. For more instructions, click here.

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