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Live copy of widgets (PRO)
Live copy of widgets (PRO)
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When you make a live copy of a widget, the copied widget will be updated when you make changes to the source widget. This allows you to put the same widget on multiple pages and keep them in sync.



  1. With the mouse pointer, go to a widget you want to copy. The More button will appear (three dots).

  2. Click the More button > Copy, merge and move > Copy.

  3. Now select the destination page, column, and position.

  4. Select the option Live copy > Copy.

  5. We will create a live copy on the page you determined. In the header of the Live copy, you'll see a live copy icon. When you click it, you'll see the option to return to the source widget and make changes.



When you make a live copy of a widget, it will be available and in sync on multiple pages. If you want to learn how to share a widget outside of our platform, read this support article.


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