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Our Page Gallery is stocked with public start pages our users can visit and use for free. Some of these pages are created by the team behind, others are created and shared by our users. It's one of the best collections of resources online, and it continues to grow every week.

Anyone can submit their page to appear in our Page Gallery.

Submit your page from the Page Gallery

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  1. Create a page with plenty of valuable resources for all users. It should be more than just a bookmark widget with your company's website or blog article. Our pages are not intended to promote private businesses but to empower and inform all our users. Because of all this, you can only share personal pages, not team pages.

  2. Open the Page Gallery. Do this by locating the direct link in the Page menu (top left button) or typing "" in the address bar.

  3. In the Page Gallery description, locate the link to open the Share page sidebar, and click it. The link says: "with us".

  4. Now fill in the form and click Submit.​


Email your page to our support team

You can email our support team ( with the link you'd like us to add to the Page Gallery. We will review your submission within one week.


Because of our limited resources, we cannot inform you of our decision to accept your page or not. If we decide to add your page to the gallery, we will usually broadcast the new addition through our social media account. You can follow us there!

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