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Use Keyboard Shortcuts for extra convenience
Use Keyboard Shortcuts for extra convenience
Updated over a week ago

You can use shortcuts to create a bookmark or to return to your homepage. You'll need our extension to do this.

After installing the Extension, you can use the following shortcuts:


Bookmark the webpage you're on


Open the homepage


  1. Get the New Tab Page extension or Bookmarker by in the Chrome Web Store, the Edge Add-Ons Store, or the Firefox Browser Add-Ons Store.

  2. Click the icon in your browser header.

  3. Select Options by clicking the cog.

    Screenshot 2023-10-12 144743-fotor-20231012144955.png

  4. Click Shortcuts.

    Screenshot 2023-10-12 144826-fotor-2023101214510.png

  5. Now you see the default shortcuts. Click Change.​

    Screenshot 2023-10-12 144838-fotor-20231012145157.png

  6. You'll be taken to the Extensions section of your browser. Here, you can set the combination you prefer.


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