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Install in Maxthon Browser
Install in Maxthon Browser
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Open on startup

When you set as the default homepage for the Maxthon Browser, you can access your favorite bookmarks and widgets faster and more efficiently.


  1. Click the top right Options button (the Hamburger Icon) or press Alt-F.

  2. Click the Settings icon.

  3. Go to the menu option General.

  4. On the right, you'll find the heading 'Open on startup.' Select the first option 'Homepage.'

  5. Click the button 'Manage Homepage.'

  6. In the field 'Add a new page' type: and press enter.

  7. Make sure you delete the default homepage by clicking 'x.'

  8. Click OK to complete. Now your own personal startpage will load every time you open your Maxthon Browser.

Set as your new tab page

In many browsers, the user has the opportunity to choose the page that will first appear with every new tab. The Maxthon Browser doesn't offer this possibility. You can, however, set as a URL alias or URL shortcut key, to get there very fast.

You'll find this option under Settings -> Advanced -> Navigation.

Install our bookmarklet

To easily add sites to your page, you could install a bookmarklet. Just drag and drop the following link to the bookmarks bar of your Maxthon Browser.

Whenever you come across a website you'd like to bookmark, click the button. There is no extension available for this browser.

Import your bookmarks

Now, it's time to import the bookmarks you'd like to transfer from other browsers. You'll only have to do this once. When you've stored it on your page, you can access them from everywhere.

  1. Make sure you've exported your bookmarks in HTML format.

  2. Click the Add content button.

  3. In the Add content pane, scroll down and locate the button 'Import bookmarks.'

  4. Click the Import bookmarks button, and browse to the HTML file with your bookmarks.

  5. Click Import.

  6. Once the importing has finished, you will see a prompt 'Your import has been completed.'

  7. Click 'Close' to continue.


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