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Install in Firefox
Install in Firefox
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If you want to use in Firefox, follow these steps:

1. Open on startup [back to top]

When you set as the default homepage for Firefox, you can access your favorite bookmarks and widgets faster and more efficiently.

Easy method:
You can set "" as your Firefox homepage, by dragging the below image to your browser home icon.


Once you drop the image on the home icon, Firefox will confirm that you've set a new homepage.

Where is the home icon in Firefox?
This home button/icon is usually located before or after the web address bar.


If you can't see the Home button, have a look at Customize Firefox controls, buttons and toolbars.

Or, change your homepage settings through the Firefox menu:

  • Click the top right Options button (the Hamburger Icon).

  • Click the Options icon.

  • Go to the menu option Home.

  • The first option, 'New Windows and Tabs', gives you the possibility to change the default Homepage to Select the option 'Custom URLs' from the first menu.

  • In the field 'Paste a URL' type: and press enter.

  • That's it! You don't have to confirm anything, click the home icon to continue surfing. Now your start page will load every time you open Firefox.

2. Set as your new tab page [back to top]
In many browsers, the user can choose the opening page for every new tab. Firefox doesn't offer this possibility. We built an extension to set New Tabs, but as of May 26, 2021, Firefox removed support for loading as your New Tab page. More info & workaround here:

3: Install our Bookmarker Add-on (i.e. extension) [back to top]

After installing our Bookmarker Add-on, you can add bookmarks at the click of a button.

  • Click the top right Options button (the Hamburger Icon).

  • Open the Add-ons manager by clicking the Add-ons button


    or pressing CTRL-Shift-A.

  • In the search-field to the top-right of your screen, type "". The first option is Select it and click the button "+ Add to Firefox" to install.


You can install the add-on in the Firefox Add-on store.


4: Install our bookmarklet [back to top]

To quickly add sites to your page, you can install a bookmarklet.

Detailed instructions on how to add the Bookmarklet can be find here.

5: Import your bookmarks [back to top]

After you've set up your browser with it's time to import the bookmarks you'd like to transfer from other browsers. You'll only have to do this once. When you've stored it on your page you can access them from everywhere.

  1. Make sure you've exported your bookmarks in HTML format.

  2. Click the Add content button.

  3. In the Add content pane, scroll down and locate the button Import bookmarks.

  4. Click the Import bookmarks button, and browse to the HTML file with your bookmarks.

  5. Click Import.

  6. Once the importing has finished, you will see a prompt Your import has been completed.

  7. Click Close to continue.

6: Resources [back to top]

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