Change keyboard shortcuts
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If you have the Chrome extension installed, you can use keyboard shortcuts.

There are two options:

  • To bookmark the page you're currently on, press ALT + B.

  • To jump to your homepage, press ALT + H.

If you want to change the default keyboard shortcuts, follow the instructions below.

Instructions for Chrome, Edge, or other Chromium users

  1. Click the icon in the toolbar of your browser.

  2. Go to Options.


  3. Select Shortcuts tab

  4. Select Change. Now you go to chrome://extensions/shortcuts.


  5. Here you can view and change the keyboard shortcuts.

For more information about shortcuts in Google Chrome, read this support article.

Instructions for Firefox users:

  1. Click the menu button, click Add-ons, and select Extensions.

  2. Click the Tools for all add-ons cogwheel.

  3. Click Manage Extension Shortcuts in the menu.

  4. You will see the shortcut options (if available) for your installed add-ons.

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