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Archive pages (PRO)
Archive pages (PRO)
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With a PRO subscription, you can move pages to an archive only you can access. The entire page, with every widget and bookmark, is saved as it is, so you can restore it when you need it. With this feature, you'll keep your list of pages accurate without having to delete anything.

You archive pages from the Pages sidebar.

Archive a page

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  1. Click on the name of your page to open the Pages sidebar.

  2. Locate the page you want to archive and click the More icon (three dots).

  3. Now you'll see the Page actions.

  4. Click Archive page to confirm.

Note: if you archive a shared page, it will no longer be public.

Unarchive a page


  1. Click the User menu in your top right corner.

  2. Click Account details.

  3. Click the second menu option: Pages.

  4. Click the filter, and select to show the Archived pages.

  5. Locate the page you want to unarchive, click its icon (three dots), and select the option Unarchive page to move a page from your Archived pages tab to the My pages tab.

  6. You'll find the page you've just unarchived in your list of pages in the Pages sidebar.

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