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How to move widgets on your page
How to move widgets on your page
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You can rearrange the widgets on your page as you wish. These are your options.


1. Drag and Drop [back to top]

To move a widget from one column to another or to a new position within the same column, you can use drag and drop.

  1. Go to the widget you want to move, left-click and hold.

  2. With this action, you've set the page in Edit mode. You'll see this message in the header: You can now organize your widgets by dragging them.

  3. Still holding the key, you can drag the widget to the column of your choice. Release the button to drop the widget.

  4. Now you can continue rearranging your widgets or click Done to leave the edit mode and resume surfing. You can also click somewhere else on the page to resume surfing.

Note: with this method, you can only move widgets on the same page. This method does not work on mobile devices.

2. More menu [back to top]

A second way to move widgets is through the More menu.

  1. With your mouse, go to the widget you want to move. The More menu (three dots icon) will appear.

  2. Click the More menu and select Copy merge and move.

  3. Click Move.

  4. Choose the destination Page, Column and position of your widget. Then click Move to confirm.


Note: this method also works on mobile devices.

3. Reorder widgets on mobile devices [back to top]

On mobile devices, your start page is not displayed in columns, but in one single list. This mobile order does not correspond to the desktop page but is saved in a separate view. Changes you make on your mobile device do not affect the order on your desktop.

It's still possible to reorder the list of widgets, just for your mobile device.

  1. Go to the page you want to reorder.

  2. Tap the More button (three dots) and tap the Organize widgets option.

  3. All widgets will collapse so you can get a quick overview. When you tap and hold a widget, you can drag and drop the widget to a new position.

  4. Click Done to leave the edit mode.


To move single widgets to a different page, you can click the More icon, as described above.

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