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The basic concepts of explained
The basic concepts of explained
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How It Works

When you use a browser on your computer or phone, you can open a start page you made on You don't need to download anything. This page lets you quickly access all your bookmarks, notes, and to-do lists.

Basic Concepts

  • Start Pages

    With, you can make a start page for each of your projects or hobbies. On this page, you can gather all you need, like links to apps, news, to-do lists, and notes. You can arrange these in up to five columns and add colors and pictures to make it yours. You can also share your page with others.

  • Widgets

    You can add small tools called widgets to your page to organize things better. There are many kinds, like bookmarks, news, notes, and to-do lists. Most are free. You can move these widgets around, change how they look, and share them.

  • Bookmarks

    The bookmark widget is very important. It lets you save links so you can quickly visit websites. You can add links, organize them, and even upload documents to access anytime. Most bookmark features are free, but some special ones need a PRO subscription.

Free and PRO Subscriptions

There are two types of subscriptions for individual users.

  • With the free subscription, you can use many widgets and make up to three pages.

  • The PRO subscription lets you make more pages, use more features, and remove ads. The PRO subscription also gives you more privacy by not tracking and removing ads.

For more details on PRO features and other plans for teams and businesses, check our website.

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