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Add content to your page
Add content to your page
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In this article, we'll show you how to add content to your page. Our content can be just about anything you find online: bookmarks (URLs), images, notes, whatever. You add your content to widgets. You can have an unlimited number of Widgets on your page.

Add Bookmark widgets



  1. Click the + sign in the right top corner. You can also click Add widget on the page.

  2. Select the option Bookmarks.

  3. First change the name of the bookmark widget you've just added.

  4. Then click Add bookmark to manually add your bookmark. When you start typing, we'll give you suggestions from our database.

    Screenshot 2023-10-05 144536.png

  5. Click Done to continue.

Add other widgets

Besides bookmark widgets, you can add other widgets to your page, including:



  1. Click the Plus icon in your header.

  2. Select one of the most popular widgets or the More widgets link, and start selecting from there.

  3. If necessary, confirm your choice and click Add widget.


For more inspiration, browse the Widget Gallery.

Add content from your clipboard


You can paste content from your clipboard directly into We will analyze your content and paste it into a custom widget. We can recognize images, single bookmarks, lists, notes, lists of URLs, to-do items, and more. Click here for more information.

Import bookmarks and feeds


You can import the bookmarks that you've stored in another bookmark manager by uploading an HTML file. Also, you can import your RSS feeds by uploading an OMPL file. Click here for detailed instructions.

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