How To Save Open Tabs
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If you want to save your Open browser Tabs to a widget, or your inbox, you can do this with our extension. This way, you'll save your session, and clean up your browser experience. In this article, we'll show your options.


  1. If you've installed our extension, it will update automatically. We're currently at version 7.3. If you haven't installed it yet, please install the Chrome New tab page extension or the Chrome Bookmarker extension. If you use Edge, you should install the Edge New tab page extension or the Edge Bookmarker extension. For Firefox and Safari users we'll update the extension soon.

  2. After installation, click the Extension icon in your browser's address bar. You'll see a new button at the bottom-right of the extension pop-up: Open tabs. Click it.

    Open tabs.png

  3. We need your permission to see your browser history to make this feature available. Please grant us these rights. We will only use them for this specific feature. Click Allow.

    Screenshot 2024-02-15 104128.png

  4. Now, once you click the Extension icon again, we'll be able to present a list of your open tabs. Click it, to see your open tabs in a list view. Now you can select each page you want to save or Select all.

    Screenshot 2024-02-15 105451.png

  5. By default, the destination widget is your Inbox. If you prefer a different location or a new widget, you can choose that too.​

    Screenshot 2024-02-15 105729.png

  6. If you want to close all selected tabs after saving, select Close selected tabs after saving. Note: if you've selected Select All, you'll close the current browser window, including all tabs.​

    Close open tabs.png

  7. Finally, to confirm your choice, click Save selected tabs.

    Close selected tabs.png

If you want to open your saved and closed tabs, you can do this with the Open all links in tabs feature.

To learn more about this feature, you can also read this introduction on our blog: Tired of too many Open Tabs? Try the new extension!

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