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Overview of all PRO widgets
Overview of all PRO widgets
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With a PRO subscription comes many dedicated PRO widgets. They are all designed to bring content to your start page, so you can save time and become more efficient online.

If you want learn how to install a PRO widget, watch the video.

These are your options

  • Calendar - add iCal calendars to your page. For Google Calendars, we have a dedicated widget.

  • Chart - place a variety of charts on your page. You can import the data from a CSV file, a URL or add it manually.

  • Currency converter - convert 168 currencies without leaving your start page.

  • Google AdSense - place a widget dedicated to Google AdSense on your start page.

  • Google Calendar - put a widget dedicated to your Google Calendar on your start page.

  • Google Tasks - bring your Google Tasks list directly to your page. You can write new tasks or check them off.

  • Image Gallery - import and display any image on your start page. It's a wonderful way to personalize your pages. Other useful applications are saving your whiteboard sessions, handwritten notes, or screenshots.

  • Stock Quotes - monitor many different stocks at once.

  • Trello Boards - place a widget dedicated to Trello on your start page, with deep links to your favorite boards. It will update automatically, so you're always in touch with your most important projects.

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