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Install in Epic Security browser
Install in Epic Security browser
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Epic Privacy Browser is a Chromium-based browser, centered on your online privacy. Therefore, some of the usual tools to improve your experience won't work in this browser.

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Set as your homepage

Epic Privacy Browser allows you to set as your homepage.



  1. Click the Customize and Control button in the top right corner of your window.

  2. Click Settings.

  3. Under On startup, select Open a specific page or set of pages.

  4. Click Set pages, and enter the URL

  5. Click OK to confirm.

Note: you can't set the default New Tab page in the Epic Privacy Browser. You can add to the Speed dial.


Import bookmarks

Epic Privacy Browser does not permit the installation of our Chrome extension, so you can't use the extension to import your Epic bookmarks. If you want to import bookmarks, you can do this manually.

Once you've stored your Epic bookmarks on your page, you can access them from any browser.



  1. First, export your bookmarks in HTML format. Open the Bookmark manager, click Organize, and click Export bookmarks to HTML file...

  2. Return to your page and click the Add content button.

  3. In the Add content pane, click the Import bookmarks button.

  4. Browse to the HTML file with your bookmarks, and click Import

  5. Once the importing has finished, you will see a prompt Your import has been completed.

  6. Click Close to continue.

Get bookmarklet

The bookmarklet allows you to bookmark pages with one single click. You need to show the bookmarks bar to quickly access the bookmarklet. By default, the Epic Privacy Browser hides the bookmark bar.


  1. Click the Customize and control button in the top right corner of your window.

  2. Click Settings.

  3. Under Appearance, select Always show the bookmarks bar.

  4. Now open this support article to install and learn more about our bookmarklet.


  • If you use the Epic Privacy Browser, you're concerned about your online privacy. So are we. That's why we limit the amount of personal data we collect from our users. Also: we don't sell or share your date with anyone else. We make money through ads and subscriptions, not by selling your data. Click to read our complete Privacy Policy.

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