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Install in Iron Browser
Install in Iron Browser
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The Iron Browser is a partner of You don't have to install in your browser. Everything is already there. There are still some personalization options you could choose to implement.

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Set as your homepage

When you set as the default homepage for the Iron Browser, you can access your favorite bookmarks and widgets faster and more efficiently. The Iron Browser runs on the Chromium platform, so most of the instructions are identical to those from Google Chrome.

The default setting for your iron browser is to open the New Tab page. First, make sure you open with a page.


  1. Open the settings page from the Iron menu, or go there directly by typing chrome://settings in the address bar.

  2. In the Appearance section of the settings page, select the Show Home button option and click Change to change your home page to


  3. The next thing to do is to set as your Startup page. To do so, scroll down in the settings page until you find the menu option On startup. Here you can select the Open a specific page or set of pages button. You could leave the pre-programmed address: or switch it to​



  4. If you now close and open the Iron browser, you'll find the anonymous page controlled by the Iron Browser. First, log out.

  5. Next, click the button in the top-right of your screen: 'sign in' or 'customize.'

Set as your new tab page

Install our Chrome extension to have load with every new tab page. At the moment, the Iron browser does not offer a way to specify a new tab page manually.

The extension is available in the Chrome Web Store, and will also work in the Iron browser. Installing is a one-click operation and is completely safe.

Install Chrome Extension

The Chrome extension makes adding bookmarks and RSS feeds to much easier.


With this extension, you can easily import your Chrome bookmarks, manage your New tab page and more. Just right-click and select 'Options.'

You can also use it to bookmark any site you're visiting. One regular click will do the trick.

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Import bookmarks

Now it's time to import the bookmarks you'd like to transfer from other browsers. You'll only have to do this once. When you've stored them on your page, you can access them from any browser.

  1. Make sure you've exported your bookmarks in HTML format.

  2. Click the Add content button.

  3. In the Add content pane, scroll down, and locate the button 'Import bookmarks.'

  4. Click the Import bookmarks button and browse to the HTML file with your bookmarks.

  5. Click Import.

  6. Once the importing has finished, you will see a prompt 'Your import has been completed.'

  7. Click 'Close' to continue.

Get Bookmarklet

Just like the extension, the bookmarklet allows you to bookmark links with a single click from your bookmark bar.

Click here for instructions on how to drag and drop it to your Iron Browser bookmarks bar.


  • You can find more information about the installation and configuration of the Iron Browser, including troubleshooting and customization, in the Support section of Google Chrome:

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