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With the Search widget, you can perform specific searches directly from your page. Discover images, books, words or other information with ease and speed.

Add search widget


  1. Click the Add content button in the header. This is a + icon.

  2. Click Browse all widgets.

  3. Locate Search and click it.

  4. Click Add widget to confirm.

Now you can add your first custom search engine.

If you are a PRO user, you can now disable the search bar without losing access to your personal search engines.

Add custom search engine

After you've added a Search widget, you can add a custom search engine. You can add alternatives to Google, like or, but also the search feature of any website.


  1. First, make sure you have copied the URL of a search result from the search engine you want to add to your search widget.

  2. Go to the Search widget and click the Pencil icon.

  3. Now click Add search engine.

  4. Type the Name of your new search engine.

  5. In the Search link field, paste the URL you've copied.

  6. Replace the Keyword in the URL with the string %s.

  7. Click Add to confirm.

These are our favorites:

Widget menu


Right-click the widget or click the More icon (three dots) to open the Widget menu. This is where you control the appearance and behavior of your search widget.

These are your options

  • Add search provider. Open a custom search engine without activating the widget's edit mode.

  • Edit the widget. Change the title, add custom search engines. Drag and drop the default search engine of choice in the first position. Click Done to stop editing.

  • Copy the widget to another page. The original widget will remain on the page.

  • Move the widget to another page. The original widget will be deleted.

  • Share the widget. Once you tick this option, you can share the widget with a unique link. In this window you'll also see if you've made a live copy of your widget.

  • Change background color and transparency. If you make the widget 100% transparent, you'll only see its content. You can also apply this setting to all other widgets on your page.

  • Delete widget. You'll get a pop-up to ask if you are sure. If your continue, the widget will delete. There is no way to undo this.


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