Bookmark Groups
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With Bookmark Groups, you can add tabs to any Bookmark widget. It offers an extra option to categorize, nest, or subdivide your bookmarks. You can display them in tabs or in a list view.

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Add Bookmark Groups

You add a Bookmark Group from the Widget Menu.


  1. Bring the cursor to the header of your widget. The Widget menu icon will appear (three dots).

  2. Click it, to open the Widget menu.

  3. Locate the option Add Group and click it.

  4. Now you can type the name you want to give the Group.

  5. Click Save to continue.



Once you've added a group to your Bookmarks widget, you can add more groups through the Widget menu.

Tab or List view


You can display your bookmarks in Tabs, or a List view. The active tab hides all bookmarks in other tabs, while the list display is collapsible.

  • Open the Widget menu (click the three dots icon in the header).

  • Click Display settings.

  • In the Show groups as option, toggle the Tabs or List view.

In the List view, you can also toggle to collapse entire groups, just like with the regular widgets.

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Copy single or multiple bookmarks


To move or copy individual bookmarks to other Bookmark Groups or widgets, you can drag and drop the bookmark.


If you want to move or copy more than one bookmark at the same time, you click the pencil icon.

Once you start selecting the bookmarks you want to move, copy, or delete, a new dialogue appears at the top of the Bookmarks widget. Click the option you prefer. Note: there's no undo option, nor confirmation to this action.

Delete Bookmark Groups

To undo or delete Bookmark Groups, including all bookmarks, you can do this quickly:

  • Right-click the title of the Bookmark Group you want to delete. This opens the Group menu.​

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  • Select the option Delete Group in the Group menu.​

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  • Confirm that you really want to delete the Group including all bookmarks, and click Delete Group.

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There is no way to undo this operation.

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