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Install on your Chromebook
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Add to the Chromebook Shelf

This way you can always access your start page with one-click.


1. Open Chrome and go to
2. Click the three-dot icons next to the address bar
3. In the dropdown menu go to More tools > Create shortcut
4. Change the name to

For more detailed instructions on adding websites to the Chromebook Shelf:

Make the homepage on your Chromebook

Follow these instructions to make the homepage on your Chromebook:


  1. Open Your Chrome Browser on Your Chromebook and Select Options

  2. Select the Settings Option in the Drop-Down Menu

  3. Search for Startup Settings

  4. Type in "Startup" In the Search and Click on "Set Pages"

  5. Type as the URL

  6. You're done!

See the video below for how to set as the homepage on your Chromebook:​

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