Sharing pages with students

In order to share a page with your students, you need to specify the sharing settings for that page.


1. Click the Page title, a page dropdown menu will appear.

2. Click "Share page".

3. You'll now see the following page sharing options:

  • Only me/we
    Page is not shared and only the users with edit rights for this page can view it.

  • Anyone at Team with the link
    The page will only be available to team members, but it will not be included in the listing. Only those who have the link will be able to find and access the page. A nice way to share a page with a limited number of people, for instance because it is not quite finished yet.

  • Anyone at Team
    The page will be available to anyone in the team, but will be blocked for outsiders. Google will not index the page, nor will others be able to see what’s on it. On the listing of team pages, this page will be included.
  • Anyone with the link
    Page is available to everyone with the link. The page is not indexed by Google.

  • Anyone on the web
    Page is available to everyone with the link. The page will also be indexed by Google.



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