Embed webpage

The "Embed webpage" widget allows you to add content (images, videos, widgets) from an external source to your start.me page.



  1. To add the embed widget to your page, click "+" sign in the grid.
  2. From the "Browse widgets" sidebar select "Embed webpage". A new "Embed widget" will be automatically added to your page.
  3. You can now enter an URL (for example to an image) in the widget or an entire embed code (Javascript or Iframe).
  4. Once you have added the URL or embed code, you'll be able to change the display settings (scrollbars, height of widget) by going to "Settings" in the widget menu (use the pulldown-icon for that).


Embedding secure content (https):

start.me is using the HTTPS protocol for maximum security of your data. As a result of this, embedding non-secure content (using http:// protocol) may not work properly. For further reference, read our blog post "Improved security with https".

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