Why do I get a "Page Forbidden" (403) error?

You'll see a "Page Forbidden" error (as per the below screenshot), when you try to access a private start.me page with the wrong login credentials for that page.

The most common causes:

  • You are not signed in with the right start.me account
    To confirm the account you are currently using, go to https://start.me/users/edit. If you are not signed-in with the correct account, please sign-out and sign-in again with the right account.
  • You are using the wrong URL for the start page you want to access
    Make sure to set your browser to use https://start.me as your start page and not a URL with a page identifier (e.g. https://start.me/p/340mXg/my-page).



Clear browser cache and cookies
If you still cannot access your page, we recommend clearing your browser cache and cookies. You can follow the instructions per browser on following links:

You can also find detailed instructions at http://refreshyourcache.com/

After clearing your cache, sign-in again to your start.me account.


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