Sharing of pages

By default, all pages are private and can only be viewed by the person who created the page.

However, there are several options available to make a page public, so that you can share it with friends, colleagues or anyone else.




  1. Open Pages menu (button in the left top of page)
  2. Click the pencil next to the page that you want to share
  3. Select the "Share" tab
  4. Select one of the following 3 sharing options:
  • Only me.  The default option disables sharing and makes the page visible to its owner only.
  • Anyone with the link. Shares a page without including it in indices. That means only people who have the link will be able to find the page. The page will not be included in Google’s index, nor will include it in overviews. This option is ideal to share a page with friends (e.g. through Facebook) without making it visible to the entire Internet population.

  • Anyone on the web. This final option shares a page and publishes it on Google. Anyone on the Internet will be able to find the page. The perfect option for pages about a general theme, for instance a sports club, a company profile or a directory of popular sites about a specific subject.


Additional sharing & collaboration features are available for Organizations.


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