User Preferences

You can make various change to the way works for you. Your preferences can be configured on the Preferences tab. The Preferences tab can be found on


  • User interface language
    This allows you to choose the language of all menu items in

  • Country
    This is is used to provide you with content relevant to your country.


  • Show submenu with pages
    This will display an extra horizontal bar with all your pages in your header, so that you can navigate between your pages more easily.

  • Open links in new window
    This will open all links in a new window or tab (depending on your browser settings).

  • Show favicons for websites
    This will show icons for all bookmarks that you add. Within each bookmark widget, you can select the display size (small, normal, large) of these icons. 

  • Start with last opened page
    This will always show your last opened page when you go to Otherwise, the first page in the list will be shown by default.


  •  Do you occasionally want to receive updates by e-mail? (yes/no)





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