For Firefox users, we've put together some useful tips to get the best experience.


Set as your homepage [back to top]

Step 1: Open Options
Click the Menu icon, and select Options.

Step 2: Make your startpage
Select General tab. Type in the Home Page box. Close the dialog box and you're all set.

More information on the Firefox website:


Set as your new tab page [back to top]

Option 1: Download the Firefox add-on to configure as your new tab page.


Option 2: You can also manually set your Firefox new tab page to

1. Type "about:config" in your address bar

2. Search for setting "browser.newtab.url"

3. Add "" as value


Firefox Add-on    [back to top]

The Firefox add-on sets automatically as your new tab page. It also makes it easier to save webpages and RSS feeds to your page. Click here for more information or install the Firefox add-on directly.


Bookmarklet     [back to top]

The bookmarklet allows you to bookmark links with one single click from your bookmark bar. Click here for instructions how to install it to your Firefox bookmarks bar.

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