News (RSS)

The News (RSS) widget allows you to display one or more RSS feeds directly on your page. 



1. Click the "+" in grid (move over an empty space at the bottom of a column)

2. Select "RSS"

3. Browse through our list of feeds or search for a specific feed.

4. You can also add your own RSS URL (example:

5. Click "Add Feed" to add a feed to your page


Feed not working?
If the feed is not working, we recommend you check if the feed is RSS 2.0 compatible. You can validate your feed here:

Edit or delete a feed
You can edit and remove a feed in the Edit mode. You can activate the Edit mode by using the widget pulldown menu.

Change display settings
You can also tweak the widget style by clicking the "Settings" menu option. You can modify following settings:


  • Number of articles to show in widget
  • Show feeds in one list keep as separate tabs (off / on)
  • Show pagination buttons (yes or no)


  • Show summary text for articles
  • Show images and image size
  • Trim headline titles (off / on)


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