Clearing your browser cache

To resolve problems with, you may want to try and clear your browser's cache. Depending on your browser version, this takes a different approach.

Google Chrome

To clear the cache in Google Chrome, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Chrome menu by clicking the  button in the top right corner of the browser window;
  2. Select the History option from the menu;

Alternatively, you may press the Ctrl+H hotkey or enter chrome://history in the browser's address bar.

  1. Now press the Clear browsing data... button;
  2. In the dialog that pops up (see the screen shot below) select the following option:
    • Empty the cache
  3. Press the Clear browsing data... button in the dialog to clear your cache

Instructions how to clear the cache in Firefox can be found here:

Instructions how to clear the cache in Edge can be found here:

Safari (iphone/ipad)
Instructions how to clear the cache in Safari can be found here:'s-Cache-on-an-iPhone


More info / Other browsers

The following sites provide additional information about how to clear your browser cache:






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