The Google Calendar widget allows you to display your Google Calendar items directly on your page.




  • Supports Google Calendar, Windows Live en ICAL (ics)
  • Choose default display mode (Week/Month/Agenda)
  • Set the start day of week (Saturday/Sunday/Monday)
  • View mode only - it's not possible to add new items or edit/delete existing items

Install instructions:

  1. Click the "+" in grid (move over an empty space at the bottom of a column)
  2. Choose "Calendar"
  3. Select provider (Google, Windows Live, or ICAL)
  4. Depending on #3, authorize Calendar or add the ICAL URL
  5. Done

More info:
For more information about the Calendar, read our blog post "New Calendar widget now available".


Alternative Google Calendar installation (for advanced users):

1. Go to
2. Click "Settings" in the menu
3. Click "Calendars"
4. Click your calendar name
5. Check the "Embed This Calendar" section and copy the "embed code"
6. Go back to and add a "Embed content/webpage" widget.
7. Paste the Google Calendar embed code.
8. Done





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