Adding content to your page is a great place for keeping your bookmarks organized and easily accessible. But did you know that can be used for many other purposes as well?

On you can keep track of your favorite news sources, keep your import notes saved, stay on top of your most important tasks and there is so much more you can do with

You can build your personal page with blocks (aka widgets) of content. A block can contain bookmarks, RSS feeds, notes, images or various other types of content.

How it works

1. Click on the + sign in the page grid or the right top corner. Add content to your page

2. A sidebar dialog opens "What do you want to add?". Here you can enter/paste almost anything you want to add to your page. Examples:

  • the name of a site (e.g. CNN, Youtube)
  • the name of a widget (email, calendar, todo, CNN, ESPN, etc)
  • a URL to a web page (e.g.,
  • a URL to an image
  • a URL to a RSS feed
  • a generic search item (e.g. a company name, sports team)
  • any text you want to add as Notes widget
  • a to-do list (use format: - To-do item 1, - To-do item 2, - To-do item 3, etc)

3. Based on your input (#2) we'll provide you with a list of suggestions of widgets that you can add to your page.

Explainer video 1: Adding Bookmarks


Tip: You can now paste (CTRL-V) any link stored on your clipboard into


Explainer video 2: Adding Notes



Explainer video 3: Embed an image



Explainer video 4: Browse other widgets



Other widgets:
Besides bookmark blocks, you can add different type of widgets to your page, including:


Keyboard Shortcuts:

ALT-INSERT  Opens 'Add Content' sidebar
CTRL-V  Opens 'Add Content' sidebar with a link or text pasted from your clipboard
ALT-S  Opens the pages menu


Import bookmarks and feeds:
You can easily import the bookmarks that you've stored in another bookmark manager by uploading a HTML file. Also, you can import your RSS feeds by uploading an OMPL file. Click here for instructions.




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