Change your password
Updated this week

You can change your password anytime.


  1. Click the User icon in the top right corner of your page or click the following link This will open your Account admin.

  2. Under Account details locate the option Password and click Change password.


  3. We will fill in the old password, so you only have to type a new password and repeat it. Make sure the new password consists of at least 6 characters. It also should have at least one uppercase letter and one numeric character.



  4. Click Change password to confirm the change.

If you don't know the current password, you can click Forgot your password? We will send an email to your known address. We recommend checking the spam folder if this email doesn't arrive within a few minutes.


Click Change your password and choose a new password.


If you run into any problem, don't hesitate to contact our support team. Send an email to

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