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Embed Content widget
Embed Content widget
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The Embed Content widget enables you to seamlessly integrate external elements on your startpage. This includes Google Maps, social media feeds (YouTube, Twitter, Facebook), and even Google documents or entire web pages. Simplify your content access with this versatile tool.

Add an Embed content widget


  1. Click the Add icon in the top right corner (+ icon).

  2. Locate the option Embed. Click it.

  3. Click Add widget.

  4. You will now see an empty Embed widget. Copy and paste the page or video you want to embed.

  5. Click Done to confirm.

Add a YouTube video


To add a YouTube, or any other video from a video platform, you have to find the embed code. In YouTube, you can find this code by clicking the 'Share' button. YouTube uses the iframe technique, which also gives you the possibility to toggle settings and adjust other details. Once you've finished adjusting, copy the code and paste it into the embed widget.

If you prefer embedding videos from Vimeo, you click the same 'Share' button and copy the Embed code. The process is much the same.

Add a Twitter Feed

Screenshot 2023-11-23 135648.png

One of the great timesavers of your start page might just be the possibility to embed Twitter feeds. This way you can monitor any public Tweet feed, including someone's likes or trending topics you want to follow.

First, go to Now you can enter the Twitter handle you like to follow.

Embedding this content is just as simple as before: copy the code and paste it into a new Embed Content widget.

You can also use our dedicated Twitter widget.

Embed other documents


There are many possible websites and feeds you can add to your page. All of them rely on the same technique: HTML iframes.

Here are some of your options

  • Google Docs, Sheets, Slides & Forms. If you add a Google Document, you will see the regular header, which might be unwanted. Take the URL and add the following code to the end: &rm=minimal. Now you will only see the content of the added content.

  • Google Analytics data through Looker Studio (formerly Google Data Studio).

  • Microsoft documents (you need a Microsoft 365 account to embed).

  • Other free widgets online. For example, you can create a Countdown Timer on and copy the embed code or the link.


You can only add one document, feed or video to an embed widget at a time.

Widget menu


Right-click the widget or click the More icon (three dots) to open the Widget menu. This is where you control the appearance and behavior of your widget.

These are your options

  • Edit the widget. Change the title. Click Done to stop editing.

  • Refresh the widget, to make sure the data is current.

  • Copy the widget to another page. The original widget will remain on the page.

  • Move the widget to another page. The original widget will be deleted.

  • Display settings.

  • Share the widget. Once you tick this option, you can share the widget with a unique link. In this window, you'll also see if you've made a live copy of your widget.

  • Change background color and transparency. If you make the widget 100% transparent, you'll only see its content. You can also apply this setting to all other widgets on your page.

  • Delete widget. You'll get a pop-up to ask if you are sure. If you continue, the widget will be deleted. There is no way to undo this.


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