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Introduction to pages
Introduction to pages
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With, you can create start pages to organize your information. Free users get 3 pages, for PRO users there is no limit. You can access your Pages menu by clicking the icon in the left top of your page.​​

Adding a new page

Instructions to add a new page

  1. Open the Pages bar: click the Pages button in the top-left corner.

  2. In the pages bar, locate the link Create new page and click it.

  3. Enter a unique name for your new page.

  4. Click Create button to confirm.

Now you can start adding content to your page.

Edit or duplicate page

Screenshot 2023-11-23 160256.png

To change the title of your page, you can use the More icon in the Pages bar. This icon will appear when you hover your pointer over the page title. When you click it, you'll open the Pages menu:

  • Edit page title - Here you change the title of your page. For public pages, you can also add a description.

  • Duplicate page - This is useful if you want to use a page as a template for new pages.

  • Share page - This opens many collaboration and link-sharing options.

  • Archive page - A PRO feature. It moves a page to your archive, so you'll clean up your Pages menu.

  • Delete page - To wipe your page and all its widgets from our database. This option can't be undone.

Starred pages

Start pages you often use can be "starred", so they appear in a new top bar in your app.


Archive pages

Start pages you no longer need, but do not want to delete can be Archived. Archiving pages is useful to keep your information current and topical. Once Archived, pages appear at the bottom of your menu.


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