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Search bar: advanced configuration options (PRO)
Search bar: advanced configuration options (PRO)
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The Search bar offers powerful advanced ways to search the web and find unique content. It's completely free to use, but if you want to hide it, you need a PRO or Team subscription.

Here's what you need to know.

Add search engines

Screenshot 2023-10-12 163422-fotor-20231012163613.png

By default, the search bar delivers a Google custom search experience, with an added bonus. You can add and use other search engines, including custom search engines.


  • Click the Search engine icon in your search bar. Now you can select the search engine you prefer.

  • If you want to set a default search engine, click Search settings.

  • Set the default search engine.

  • Click outside the dialog to continue. We save your choice automatically.

Add custom search engines


  • Click the Search engine icon in your search bar.

  • Click Search settings and then Add search engine at the bottom.

  • Now you can select one of the preset search engines, by selecting one and clicking the +.

  • If you want to add a search engine that's not listed, click the Add custom search engine button to continue.

  • Give your search engine a title and add a URL. You can copy this from any search engine, including search features of websites. If you do so, make sure to substitute the keyword you've entered for %s.

  • Click Add to save the search engine and continue.

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Hide search bar

Screenshot 2023-10-12 164846-fotor-20231012164917.png


  • To hide the Search bar, you need a PRO subscription. If you have one, open the User menu (top right corner).

  • Click Settings.

  • Locate the Hide search bar toggle and toggle to ON. This change applies to all your pages.

Hide search bar on team domain

There are many options available to team owners to control the appearance of their team pages. With this option, you can hide the default search bar for public pages on, so users who are not logged in will not see the search bar.


  • Open the Settings page of your team.

  • In the Admin panel, under Subdomain locate the option Display settings and click Edit.

  • Now you can toggle Hide search bar in the new window. There are several other display options to adjust. Read all about it here.

  • Click outside the window, so we will save your settings and you can continue. Note: it may take a few minutes before your changes are applied to the team pages.

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