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Change your page layout & background
Change your page layout & background
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You can customize the style of every start page by changing the background image or color. You can also set the number of columns and the transparency level for your widgets. Make yours.

Change page background

You can change the background of your start page, by opening the Page Actions menu and clicking the option "Change background & layout".


​Here you can select a photo from our library, upload your own image or select a color background.

Set widgets transparency

You can set the transparency of widgets by using the slider. If you make the widget fully transparent, it blends completely into the background.

Set number of columns

Adjusting the number of columns (options include 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5) on your start page allows you to personalize your display. Note that increasing the number of columns will reduce the size of widgets on the page for a more compact view.


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