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Upload documents (.pdf, .doc, etc) to
Upload documents (.pdf, .doc, etc) to
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You can upload documents (.pdf, .doc, etc.) to your account, to make them available across all devices. We will create a link to the uploaded document inside your Bookmarks widget.

Previously uploaded documents can be found and managed in the user admin panel Uploaded files.


  1. With your mouse, go to a Bookmarks widget on your start page.

  2. Locate the More button (


    ) and click it.

  3. Click Add bookmark.

  4. In the Add bookmark sidebar, click the Upload document icon.

  5. Once you've opened this tab, you can locate a document you want to add from your computer. This can be a Microsoft Word or Excel document, a PDF-file or an image file. Other documents are also permitted. Maximum allowed size is 10MB, total allowed space is 50MB.

    You'll have to accept the condition of your upload, that it will be accessible to anyone with the link. Then, click Browse.

  6. Once you've located the file you want to add, click Upload document.


Note: This a PRO feature. For a selection of the five most impressive PRO features, watch this video:

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