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Basic import options in
Basic import options in
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On you can easily import bookmarks from your browser, from a local file (html, csv) or from an external webpage.

Here's how to import your bookmarks to

Import browser bookmarks (with extension)

This method is the simplest and fastest way to copy your bookmarks to your account.

Import browser bookmarks.png


  1. Install the extension for your browser.

  2. Once installed, click on the extension icon in your browser toolbar.

  3. Click the cog icon in the top right corner.

  4. Select the option to Import Bookmarks. The extension will automatically detect and import bookmarks from your current browser.

  5. Follow the prompts to complete the import process. You can select which folders you want to import or ignore. By default, we'll import all bookmarks.

Import bookmarks from a file

If you want to move bookmarks from a browser we don't support with an extension, you can do this manually.

Import bookmarks (1).png


  1. Export the bookmarks you've saved in your browser. The procedure will change for every browser, so you must check the help section for support. For browsers based on Chrome, you can open the Bookmarks Manager (chrome://bookmarks/) and click the More menu in the top right corner > Export bookmarks.

  2. Click the Add content button in the header (+ icon) and select Import bookmarks.

  3. Now select the file you've just created, and click Import bookmarks.

  4. We'll open your bookmarks file, and give you an option to select the folders you want to import. You can select which folders you want to import or ignore. By default, we'll import all bookmarks.

  5. Click Take me to my new page 'Import bookmarks'

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These are the basic import options in If you want to learn more about our advanced import options, read this article: Advanced import options in

Import completed: what now?

Once you've completed the import, you'll find your bookmarks on a single page, organized in widgets.

You can move, copy, or delete these widgets, drag and drop single bookmarks, or delete them from the system. You can also view them in the Bookmarks Manager.

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