With the Bookmarklet from you can easily save Bookmarks and RSS feeds to your start page.



Install Bookmarklet:

If you use Firefox, Safari, Chrome or Opera, you can drag the below link to your bookmarks toolbar. You can rename the link to whatever you like by right-clicking and choosing 'edit name'.

If you're using Internet Explorer, dragging won't work. Right-click on the bookmarklet instead, and select 'add to Favorites' at the prompt.


iPad & iPhone

Follow these instructions to get a 'Save to' bookmarklet working on your iPad.

  1. Add this page as a bookmark (click on the box with the arrow in it next to the Safari address bar).
  2. Select the text below and copy it:

  3. Click the open book icon, select 'edit', and rename the bookmark to something like 'Save to'
  4. Paste the text (you copied in #2) into the URL field.
  5. Save your changes and test the bookmarklet by saving this page to
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