Migrate from iGoogle to start.me

iGoogle is long gone, and so many people chose us as the best option for a start page. We've been rated as the top start page by iGoogleAlternatives.info, and we would love to serve you as well.

How to migrate RSS feeds from iGoogle

  1. Create a free startpage at Start.me
  2. Export your RSS-feeds from iGoogle. See this blog post for instructions
  3. Import the OPML file into your start.me startpage using the Import Bookmarks & Feeds feature.

How to migrate Bookmarks from iGoogle

  1. Create a free startpage at Start.me
  2. Sign-in to Google
  3. Download html file at http://www.google.com/bookmarks/bookmarks.html
  4. Import the HTML file into your start.me startpage using the Import Bookmarks & Feeds feature.

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